behind the documentary

The following videos are independent and are done under the principles of "Guerrilla Filmmaking". 

"I´m driven by learning about different ways of living, and I´m also very passionate about topics that matter and can inspire. That is why, whenever I can, I pick up my camera and go to the field. Something I´ve learnt through these experiences is that when you get your camera dirty, then the stories become real" 



In 2014, I went on my own to shoot in favela Rocinha, one of the largest favelas of Rio de Janeiro. My objective was to find out how the World Cup was impacting favela residents in light of all the protests that were happening across the country.

Brazil´s White Elephant was born in a very peculiar way. I stayed in the favela and was able to develop relationships with the residents. As our relationships grew, I began teaching a few of them the basics of filmmaking. In exchange, they helped me make this documentary. This participation allowed for unique access. One of my favorite shoots ever.